Doodle Couture, New York - The Denim Treat Purse - AS SEEN IN BRITISH VOGUE!!

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BEING FEATURED IN BRITISH VOGUE'S HOLIDAY GIFT ROUND-UP - DEC, JAN, FEB issues and online! For the model pup whose all about fashion, the only thing more valuable than the latest trend is their next treat. That’s why if they’re going to respond to your commands, it’s important to have a treat bag they’ll “Speak!” about. With The Treat Purse you can keep them on their best behavior and looking their best for any occasion. Like a coin purse, this handy treat pouch is filled with rewards, the perfect way to reward good behavior, motivate their newest trick, and make friends at the park. Made of premium denim and leather the Treat Purse is both durable and designer, sure to add a touch of class to all your training classes.

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