Cat Bowls Tilted, Raised and Non-Slip

Primary Colour: black
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Cat Bowls Tilted Cat Food Bowls Raised Cat Food Bowl Pet Double 15° Slanted Plastic Cat Bowls With Non-Slip Rubber Base
1. Safe choice: Our oblique cat bowl is made of high-quality materials, BPA-free and non-toxic. You can believe that this food bowl is harmless even if dropped from a height.
2. Double bowl: Two cat trays can be fed two different foods at once, dry food or wet food, and some can even be fed water.
3. Protect the neck: Use the cat bowl to raise the pet's head to reduce neck pain in the wrong position when eating or drinking.
4. Easy to clean: detachable and rotating, easy to disassemble, easy to take out, easy to clean, and can be wiped clean.
5. No sliding base: The friction pad in the box sticks it to the bottom of the base, so it will not slide even if the pet pushes it hard while eating.
This pet bowl can protect the pet's neck, is safe and environmentally friendly, and allows pets to eat by themselves.
Shape: cat head
Material: plastic
Size: 320*160*145mm

Package Included:
2 * bowl
1 * base

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